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OpenVPN with IPv6 Support

2 minute read

OpenVPN is a commonly used, easy to set up VPN solution. A huge benefit is that it uses common SSL/TLS encryption and common transport protocols. Therefore, ...

Installing LineageOS on Samsung Galaxy S2

1 minute read

If you run a Samsung Galaxy S2 with stock ROM, you cannot install LineageOS in the usual, straight forward way: Partitions have to be resized and flashing cu...

Jailed Teamspeak 3 Server Using Systemd

3 minute read

Teamspeak is the de facto standard for voice chats during gaming. Unfortunately, Teamspeak does not offer a package usable with commonly available packet man...

IPv6 Tunnelbroker in OpenVZ Environments

3 minute read

In times of diminishing IPv4 resources, dual stack should be available everywhere. Unfortunately, there are still providers that do not provide acceptable du...

Plex Media Server on ARM Device

less than 1 minute read

There is a wide range of ARM devices that are capable of running a Plex media server. Unfortunately, Plex does not provide a generic package for ARM platform...

A Poor Man’s Wifi SIP Phone

2 minute read

After replacing my old FritzBox, I needed a SIP phone that handles at least two accounts, allows settings dialing rules and connects via Wifi. Supporting two...

IPSec Tunnel between OpenWrt and FritzBox

5 minute read

In this article, I will show you how to connect an OpenWrt and a FritzBox via an IPSec VPN connection. As a result, hosts on the attached networks can reach ...

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Collection of Useful Command Line Snippets

less than 1 minute read

Using command line utilities is often convenient because good UI tools often do not exist. Anyway, the downside of using such tools is the high amount of par...

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Collection of Fedora Tweaks

less than 1 minute read

Window Switcher By default, windows in the window switcher (ALT + Tab) are grouped by applications. The grouping can be disabled by changing the shortcut fr...

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